Previous Classes and Projects

Previous Classes

We had to delay our Winter ’22 MIG/TIG class due to a Covid spike, but it was well worth it. Once we got started, it was clear that this was one of our most engaged and dedicated classes. The students all pushed hard, and each one passed at least two welding tests (some passed three!), in addition to working on some projects to improve our shop!

We held our first ever Summer Stick Welding class in 2021. It was a hot one, but we persevered (and perspired!), and minted some fresh new welders!

In the Spring of ’21 we graduated our first ever MIG/TIG combo class. The students rose to the occasion and all passed both qualification tests. They also brought some of the most creativity and energy to the shop that we’ve ever seen.

We are super proud of our Fall ’20 TIG welding students! It was our first TIG welding class and our first class under pandemic restrictions. All of our students made it through the class and they all passed at least one welding test!

We ran our first ever winter class in 2020. It was a hearty group of students that braved the cold to learn how to stick (SMAW) weld. We wrapped up the class right before quarantines went into effect for COVID19.

We completed our Fall ’19 MIG (GMAW) class in November 2019. We had our first students qualify in both the vertical and overhead positions and graduated our largest class yet!

We completed our Spring ’19 Stick Welding (SMAW) class in April 2019. We had our largest class to date and continued the trend of handing out more certifications than ever. In addition, we built a gate for a local neighbor!

We completed our Fall ’18 MIG Welding (GMAW) class in November 2018. We handed out our largest number of qualifications to date and built some beautiful projects for several local non-profits.

Our Spring ’18 MIG Welding (GMAW) class saw an expansion of our shop, new curriculum, and continued dedication from some familiar faces!

Our Fall ’17 Stick Welding (SMAW) class marked the launch of Reignite Philly. We got on our feet an established our rhythm of welding with purpose and precision.


In December 2019, we built a table for Pheonix Cafe at Esperanza Health Clinic!

In April of 2019, we built a gate for a neighbor.

In November of 2018 we built a bench for Historic Fairhill Burial Ground.

Installing the bench at Indiana and Germantown Avenues.

Instructor Dan Anderson and student Barbara after building and installing a bar height counter top for Esperanza Health Clinic’s cafe.

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