Reignite Philly educates and trains the next generation of metal fabricators and welders to the benefit of the individual, the class, and the community. We offer affordable welding training in a challenging yet supportive environment, giving welding opportunities to folks who wouldn’t otherwise have them

Growing out of a group of like-minded welders in North Philly who recognized a need for affordable and welcoming welding training, we provide hands on, practical training to folks looking to advance their careers or learn a new skill.

We believe that training done as a team, with others who are working towards the same goals, makes all the difference. Our training revolves around teamwork and collaboration – the same skills required to succeed on the job.

Our Key Values


We believe in lifelong learning and that the right training can change your life. There’s always something new to learn, and no one has it all figured out.

Rooted in North Philly

Our classes grew out of a need recognized by residents and are led by local welders. We teach classes here because we live here. Our students reflect the diversity of life and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.


Our classes not only seek to train community members, but to build community between our students. No one has ever done anything on their own, and what we build, we build together.


We seek to tear down barriers that keep people from training for a better future. Maybe you think you don’t look like a welder, or make enough money to afford the class, or aren’t cut out for school. We see you and have space for you.


We believe all of us can and should have meaningful work. Whether you want a path to find a new job, or get skills that will take you to the next level at your current one, we’re here for you.


We strive to be the best, and expect the same from our students. Each of our classes builds on the last one and we’re constantly making tweaks to make things work better.

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